Pug Rescue SA is a registered and audited Section 21 Non-Profit Company.
Registration No.: 2010/008170/08. PBO No.: 930035784
We aim to give all rescue pugs a second chance to find a happy, loving home for his/her lifetime.

Who we are

Pug Rescue South Africa rescues, rehabilitates, rehomes and offers sanctuary to Pugs in South Africa.

Pug Rescue SA run many fundraising campaigns to assist with funding the sanctuary. We are depended on the Public to support our fundraising activities and on the generous donations of our Community. We aim to give all rescue Pugs a second chance to find a happy, loving home for his/her lifetime.

We practice a right to a quality life policy and will only re-home healthy Pugs or give full disclosure of any health issues we are aware of at the time of adoption. We have a very stringent home approval criteria to the benefit of the Pug being adopted.

Pug Rescue SA is also home to Pickle-the-dwarf-Pug and Pug-Lee the Paralysed Pug who both have their own facebook pages.

A Pug in need cannot ask for help so we are their voices and we ask on their behalf. No donation is ever too small to help their plight.

What we do

On any given day Pug Rescue SA cares for 125 homeless animals. Albeit the majority of these rescues are Pugs, we also offer sanctuary to Honourary-Pugs where and when we have capacity. Around 15% of the animals in our care are Honourary-Pugs.

Pug Rescue SA is the retirement home of no less than 60 Pugs who are deemed either too old for adoption or have medical conditions which require constant care.

Pug Rescue SA successfully run an outreach project in the Gabon, Chris Hani and surrounding informal settlements in Daveyton, Benoni. Our Thanda Inja Project offers free veterinary clinic services and sterilisation to even less fortunate animals. Every second Tuesday the Thanda Inja Project takes place in an open field where hundreds of animals receive veterinary treatment they would not have access to if not for Thanda Inja.

How to Adopt

If you are interested in adopting please follow theĀ adoption process steps.

Pugs are only adopted into compatible homes. We do not adopt on a first-come first-serve basis. It is all about placing the right Pug in the right home. We will not place an ill or unhealthy Pug up for adoption. We will also disclose any medical condition that we are aware of to the prospective new owners.

All our Pugs are sterilised, vaccinated, micro-chipped and dentals done if necessary.

We do NOT adopt out unsterilised Pugs.

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